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3hr Couples Massage Class


3-Hour Introductory 
Couples Self-Care Massage Class
This class is currently only available through On-Line Promotions.  If your Voucher has Expired, you may use the cash value of your voucher towards the original cost of the class which is $195 per couple
There are many massage classes designed to teach couples to use massage to enhance the bedroom experience.  However, this class is designed to take care of your partners day to day aches and pains using soothing Swedish relaxation  and basic deep tissue massage techniques which relax muscles, reduce stress, and release physical tension in a Non-Sexual manner.
This class teaches couples to massage one another using basic massage techniques and positions that can be utilized in any home without disrobing and without the use of an expensive massage table. In this class you will: 
  • Learn to massage feet, shoulders and neck while sitting at a table or just watching TV 
  • Learn basic Swedish & Deep Tissue Techniques 
  • Address your partner’s specific needs 
  • Learn proper body mechanics 
Cost is $195 per couple, all materials included.
Done in the privacy of your own home.
Call for availability and to set up an appointment.
TO ENROLL: Call 323-739-4566, dates subject to change per availability.
HOW TO PREPARE: Have plenty of water for you and your partner and wear loose comfortable clothes.  Biotone Massage Cream will be provided for you.  However, we will be working on the floor, sitting on cushions, and sitting at a table or desk. You provide the pillows/cushions and if you have your own favorite massage cream/oil/lotion, please feel free to use it.  

Please give me your Promotional Voucher or coupon at the beginning of the session.
WHAT TO EXPECT: There is no disrobing in this class. The class itself is 3 hours long, and each person will be given an equal amount of time to work and receive, but somoe of the time will be spent filling out paper work, taking bathroom breaks, and changing positions. 
100% NON-SEXUAL and


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